1. Hostel
  2. Qualified, experienced and skilled faculty
  3. Computer Lab, Spacious lab with 12x P-4 computers
  4. 3x Science Labs, Separate labs for Biology, Chemistry and Physics
  5. Library, Established and being used but need more books
  6. Mosque, Ground Floor Hall being used as mosque. Regular Ba-Jamat Nimaz offered besides celebration of various religious events including Holy Quran teaching coaching.
  7. Dining Hall Mosque being used
  8. Sports Ground Open field about 500 yards away. Game are organized regularly in the evening
  9. Evening studies, Two study periods are held under qualified teachers


To become leading institution for providing quality education to students specially coming from under developed areas and afford them the opportunity to build up strong character for becoming good Muslims and effective citizens of Pakistan.


AIMS is dedicated to impart quality education to its students especially of under privileged areas with emphasis on character building with a view to grooming them to lead a successful life in their future endeavors and be able to face the challenges of their times.

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Class Rooms