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Recommendations for the proposed constitution of Jamia Al Raza by the advisory committee members consisting of Syed Samar Ali Naqvi Sahib, Dr. Muhammad Ejaz Nagri Sahib and Dr. Sajid Ali Subhani Sahib appointed by the Supervisory Committee are as follows:

1. Name:

The name of this institution is "Jamia Al Raza"; In this Constitution will be written/read as "Jamia" in short.

2. Administrative Status:

"Jamia" is a subsidiary institution of Noor Ul Huda Trust who’s Educational and Administrative Board (Supervisory Committee) shall frame its internal constitution under the trust's constitution and bylaws. In the internal constitution, the institutional goals of the "Jamia" will be defined and the strategy to reach these goals will be formulated. "Jamia" will get approval of its goals, budget and policies from Noor Ul Huda Trust.

3. Vision:

To prepare righteous, pious and patriotic Ulama and Scholars who play an exemplary role for the religion of Islam and the country and nation.

4. Mission:

a) To educate and train students according to the contemporary requirements in the light of the teachings of the Qur'an and Ahl al Bait (peace be upon them) so that they can guide the society theoretically and practically in the future.
b) Goals
c) To inculcate in the "Jamia" students the passion and necessary ability to become pious and enlightened scholars.
d) To promote religious tolerance among "Jamia" students for the wider interest of the country and nation
e) To enable "Jamia" students to teach higher levels.
f) To make "Jamia" students responsible researchers, writers, speakers and preachers.
g) To provide opportunities for "Jamia" students to pursue higher education in universities and educational centers at home and abroad.
h) To equip "Jamia" students with modern sciences and arts and essential skills.
i) To provide opportunities for "Jamia" students to learn the necessary languages to perform scholarly, research, and preaching duties so that they can make substantial use of the existing literature.
j) To enable "Jamia" students to use modern technology in the field of education and research.
k) To develop the spirit and ability of team work among "Jamia" students.
l) To develop management skills among "Jamia" students.
m) Education and training of "Jamia" students in such a way that as a result they can play the role of successful educators in the field of belief and practice.
n) To build the educational system of the "Jamia" on the transcendent philosophy of Islam and educational teaching principles and methods.
o) To make use of the prevailing system of education in the field of education and training in the "Jamia".
p) To offer various educational, teaching and training modules to achieve the multi-dimensional goals of the "Jamia".

5. Syllabus:

In order to achieve the above objectives, the Supervisory Committee should organize a revision of the syllabus of the "Jamia" every 6 years. But if the Principal of the "Jamia" feels the need to revise the syllabus, he can suggest a change in the syllabus beforehand to the Supervisory Committee.

6. Organizational structure:

A_ Monitoring Committee:

a) This committee will consist of 5 to 7 members appointed by Noor Ul Huda Trust and the members of this committee can be increased as per the need.
b) The Chairman of the Noor Ul Huda Trust and the Principal of the Jamia as a designation will be the members of this committee.
c) This committee will be responsible for framing the constitution of the Jamia and amending it as needed.
d) The membership tenure of a member of the Supervisory Committee will be three years, after three years their membership tenure can be extended.
e) This committee will monitor all educational, teaching and administrative affairs of the Jamia.
f) This committee will formulate the educational objectives and teaching methods of the Jamia as well as the procedure for the appointment of teachers and other related employees.
g) It will be necessary to hold at least three meetings of the committee in a year.
h) This committee will review the annual budget prepared by the principal and approve it for submission to the trust.
i) All decisions in this committee will be made by majority vote.
j) Appointment of principal and extension of his tenure; In case of his incapacity or his resignation, the committee will make the basic decision, however, it will be mandatory to confirm this decision from the trust.
k) The Chairman of Noor Ul Huda Trust and the Principal of the Jamia will have equal votes in the advisory process and internal decisions of the supervisory committee, and they will not have any discriminatory right to vote.
l) If the Chairman of Noor Ul Huda Trust disagrees with any decision of the Supervisory Committee, he will have the right to take a final decision according to his position if supported by the majority of the members of the trust and in this case the members of the Supervisory Committee will have to accept the decision of the Chairman Trust.

B_ Principal:

a) The Principal of the Jamia will be appointed for a period of three years, however, the period of his appointment will always be extendable in the above-mentioned manner.
b) The Principal of the Jamia shall supervise the overall performance of the institution and shall be responsible for the delivery of all teaching matters and programs of the department.
c) The Principal of the Jamia will be authorized and responsible for the promulgation of the internal rules of this institution and will also give suggestions for reforms in the law if necessary.
d) The Principal of the Jamia shall be accountable to the Supervisory Committee regarding the performance of his official duties.
e) It will be the responsibility of the Principal of the Jamia to prepare a comprehensive record of all the activities of the Jamia, to call the meeting of the supervisory committee and to present the annual report in the annual meeting of Noor Ul Huda Trust.
f) It will be the Principal's responsibility to prepare the draft of the annual budget of the Jamia and after getting it approved by the committee, submit it for final approval in the annual meeting of the trust.

Exams Season 2023

Annual Examinations at Jamia Al Raza

By the grace of Allah Almighty, the annual examinations of Jamia Al Raza were held from May 6, 2023 to May 12, 2023. We wish best success for all the students who appeared in this examination.

Jamia Al Raza Extension Project Fund Raising 2023 Event Report

Extension Project Fund Raising Event

A function was organized in the under-construction building for Fund Raising of Jamia Al Raza Extension Project in which philanthropists participated fully. All the honorable guests gave full support for the extension project in this Fund Raising event and assured to continue their support in the future.

In the first session, the ceremony was started with the recitation of Holy Quran. After Naat and Manaqbat, Hajjat-ul-Islam Syed Samar Ali Naqvi Sahib informed the participants about the details of Jamiat-ul-Reza and its extension plan.

After Iftar and Maghribin prayer, the second session was also started with the recitation of Holy Quran. Dr. Hujjatul Islam Dr. Muhammad Hasnain Nadir Sahib presented the documentary of Jama-ul-Reza and its extension plan to the participants and finally Hajjatul Islam Syed Hasnain Abbas Gardizi Sahib gave the closing remarks and thanked all the distinguished guests for participating in this event. Dinner was also organized at the end of the program.

"First Annual Ceremony of Jamia Al Raza Alumini"

First Annual Function of Jamia Al Raza Alumni

The first annual function of Jamia Al Raza Alumni was held on Sunday, 7th Zi’Qaad 1444 AH accordingly 28th May, 2023. In which 40 graduating students participated on the invitation of the institution.

The program started at 09:15 AM and ended at 02:30 PM. The following speakers addressed the students, who were participating in the event, on various topics. An opportunity was also provided to the students to answer questions and express their views on each topic. The program was managed by PhD scholar Syed Musaddiq Abbas Naqvi.

Maulana Farhat Abbas Sahib addressed the students on the topic “Preach through Social Media”. Mr. Syed Nasir Abbas Shirazi on the topic “Current International Situation and the Appearance of Imam Mahdi (A.S.)” and Mr. Syed Imtiaz Ali Rizvi on the topic “The Modern World and Responsibilities of Students” expressed their views, while addressing the students. At the end of the program, Principal of Jamia Al Raza Hujjat ul Islam Syed Husnain Abbas Gardezi Sahib thanked all the speakers and guest students and encouraged the students to continue their studies.

انقلاب اسلامی ایران

انقلاب اسلامی ایران کی پنتالیسویں سالگرہ کے موقع پر جامعۃ الرضا بھارہ کہو، اسلام آباد میں بھرپور انداز سے انقعاد کیا گیا جس سے حجۃ السلام والمسلمین علامہ حسن عسکری صاحب نے خطاب فرمایا اور جامع کے طلاب نے بھرپور شرکت کی

Exams Meeting

جامعہ الرضا کے اساتذہ کرام کی ماہانہ نشت ۔ جس میں مختلف موضوعات پر گفتگو ہوئی ۔ خصوصی طور پر درمیانی مدت کے امتحانات کی تفصیلات طے کی گئیں ۔ یہ امتحانات 27 فروری سے لے 4 مارچ تک جاری رہیں گے۔


By the grace of Allah Almighty, the mid term examinations of Jamia Al Raza were held from Feb 27, 2024 to March 04, 2024. We wish best success for all the students who appeared in this examination.

Solar Programme

الحمدللہ رب العالمین جامعہ الرضا بھارہ کہو میں سولر سسٹم لگ گیا اور اس نے اپنا کام شروع کر دیا ہے ۔ جن مومنین نے اس میں ہمارے ساتھ تعاون کیا ہے ان کا شکریہ ادا کرتے ہوئے ان کے لئے دعا گو ہوں کہ اللہ تعالیٰ ان کو صحت و تندرستی عطا فرمائے اور ان کے رزق میں برکت اور وسعت عطا فرمائے آمین سید حسنین گردیزی پرنسپل جامعہ الرضا

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