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In the name of Allah, the Merciful
Total Constitution
Noor Al Huda Center for Investigations
Barakahu, Islamabad

1. Name

The name of this department will be "Noor Al Huda Center for Research" which will be abbreviated as "NMT". In English it will be written as NMT.

2. Definition/ Institutional Status

"NMT" will be a sub-department of Noor Al Huda Trust which will determine its research goals, formulate strategies to achieve these goals and must, under the general structure of the Trust, in the light of its internal constitution and bylaws. Will take steps. This department will get its overall goals, budget and strategy approved by Noor Al Huda Trust.

3. Vision

The mission of "NMT" is to provide solid intellectual foundations for the formation of Islamic civilization by freeing the Pakistani nation from intellectual backwardness by promoting the true teachings of Islam.

4. Mission

The mission of "NMT" is to promote religious awareness and awaken national consciousness in the Pakistani nation by promoting the true teachings of Islam.

5. Goals

1. Presenting investigations on researched topics of Islamic teachings.
2. To promote Islamic teachings among different sections of the society, especially the general public.
3. Providing solutions to national and social problems from the point of view of Islamic teachings.
4. To create communication and coordination among researchers.
5. To develop the spirit of research among the teachers and students of religious seminaries and colleges and universities.
6. Collaboration with national magazines and journals in the process of publication.
7. To provide answers to religious and intellectual doubts and questions faced by the members of the Muslim nation.

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